Proposed Deanery and Benefice changes (1)



For the last, few years Trigg Major Synod have been considering various ways of providing ministry to the people of Launceston and surrounding rural villages. We have considered a 'Minster' model, shared ministries and other forms of using our stipendiary clergy and lay members to grow the church in a sustainable way.

Synod believes that there is now an opportunity to develop a deanery plan. We wish to publish the draft plan in October 2017. The first stages in developing the plan are underway with a period of research, a 'quiet day' of prayer and discussion and this consultation. We wish to stress that this consultation is not about closing churches/ but to ensure the deanery has a sustainable future by meeting its costs and sharing our resources across the whole population in a fair way.

The purpose of this leaflet is to provide some information for parochial church councils and individuals to consider regarding our future. The synod officers would welcome your comments, particularly from parochial church councils/ but also from individuals.

There are two aspects of our ministry that we need to think about:-


How many stipendiary clergy can we afford?

What is the fairest way of using the particular skills of stipendiary clergy in the Launceston Area.